Room rates

Room prices per night

Single room (Non Smoking) starting from €56.00 to €139.00
Double room (Non Smoking) starting from €79.00 €165.00
Double room (Non Smoking) - Single occupancy starting from €63.00 to €145.00

Additional service:
Breakfast (costs €9.00 per person and night extra)

Cancellations and changes, up to 1 day ( during the exhibition time 30 days ) before the day of the arrival, are free of charge. Cancellations or changes later or no-show, are computed with 80 per cent of the price of all overnight accommodation.

Please enter your travel dates to see availability and current room rates.

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Loens Hotel
( Bed & Breakfast )
Hermann-Loens-Strasse 29
30827 Garbsen - Berenbostel, Germany

Telephone: +49 5131 49880

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