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For 153 days lower saxsony's capital Hannover was the melting - pot for different coultures and nations The whole world was quest in Germany and every day there were celebrating a festival of the nations.

This was the fair with most participants for the last 150 years - more than 170 nations and international participants displayed their ideas and visions of the future. 49 countrys built their own pavillions, other presented themselves in halls. The visitors had to make a choice - it just wasn't possible to see everything in one day.

The Africa hall - 4 million visitors made it the favorite pavillion. For the first time 40 African states presented themselves under the theme "The Gift of Africa". Hardly any visitor was able to withdraw from this presentation full of passionate activities. More than 2,5 million people were wisiting Netherlands sandwichlike building / construction, Finlands guest book showed more than 1,5 million entries and more than 5 million visitors admired the larger than life plaster figures in Germany's pavillion.

Heads of states as well as Royals took the opportunity to visit their own as well as the other nations pavillions. Amongst them were Queen Beatrix of Netherlands with her husband Prince Claus, King Albert II of Belgium, Queen Margarethe from Denmark, Juan Carlos and Sofia from Spain who were visiting the Expo 2000 in Hannover. Queen Silvia of Sweden visited three times. It wasn't possible to see everything in just one day. In total 68 heads of states, 56 goverment officials and 413 ministers and acting ministers were guests at the Expo 2000 in Hannover

Under the theme "Worlds meet each other" the Expo became one big stage. Over 60 million had visited the events of the Expo. From "Faustmarathon" to the every evenings Flambée, from Rockfestivals in the Beatbox to hot rhythms on the Plaza stage - the visitors had a great choice.

The Expo didn't only take place on the Expo grounds in Hannover, out in the whole of the hosts country - including all five continents - worldwide !

Expo 2000 The numbers The after-use

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