Expo 2000 - The after-use

Expo 2000 That was the world exposition The numbers

As the world exposition was not a permanent feature, organizers had to make up their minds about how to use the pavillions and buildings afterwards, long before the Expo even started. For most buildings there are contracts as to where and when the buildings were to be rebuild at there new location.

Most of the buildings will stay on the Expo grounds to enrich other exhibitions in the future.

The Preussag arena with 13.500 seats will be used for events and shows. Popconcerts and big events in Hannover will take place there. Preussag arena will be the location for the icehockey world cup opening and finals in April / May 2001. The Christus pavillion will be taken to pieces after the Expo and rebuild in Volkenroda / Thueringen

The pavillions from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Sweden and the Republic of China will stay on the Expo grounds and will be used there. The Swiss pavillion will be recycled as planned. The WWF organizations pavillion with the 14m high earthghost can be admired in the Saarland in the future. The Himalayastate Nepals is currently negotating with different interested partners over their pavillion.

Just about all pavillions and buildings will still be used and hopefully their idea as meeting place for different nations will go on.

More than enough words have been said hence we will not expand any more. Thanks all the guests who enjoyed the Expo 2000 with us.

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Expo 2000 That was the world exposition The numbers

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