Expo 200 - The numbers

Expo 2000 That was the world exposition The after-use

As no closing report can exist without the compulsory figures - here they are ! Some odd, some imposing but they all prove that this exposition made the unbelievable.

7.500.000 Passengers used the cablecar which crossed the whole of the Expo area.
5.000.000 Athletes tested the newest trendsports in the funsport hall.
2.250.000 Visitors walked through the finnish pavillion.
2.000.000 Liters of water came every hours down the root of the norwegian pavillion.
1.600.000 Names were shown in the iceland pavillion.
400.000 Lego - bricks were necessary to build lions, elephants and apes in the african hall.
40.000 Post cards were sold in the canadian pavillion.
34.000 Square meter big were the "Changing gardens".
21.000 Grasshoppers were consumed in the nourishment exhibition.
8.500 Cardboardrolls were used to build the japaneese pavillion.
4.000 People saw the EM game Germany - Romania on the big screen.
2.100 KM were two estnic students tramping to the Expo 2000.
800 Nepalease families carved for three full years to build their pavillion.
280 Bottles of tequila were emptied on average every night in the mexican pavillion.
160 Hectere big were the Expo grounds - a total of 235 soccer fields.
100 Different kinds of beer existed on the Expo.
90 Tons of real desert sand were fly in from the Arabian Emirates.
84 Birchtrees stood in the finnish pavillion.
21 Hours lasted the marathon version of "Faust".
13 Years are gone since the idea for Expo 2000 was born.
10 Years have passed since Germany was voted to became host nation on June 14. 1990.
1 Piece of the chinese wall did the long journey to the chinese pavillion.

Expo 2000 That was the world exposition The after-use

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